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Can I move existing Shopify customers to a new Shopify store?
Can I move existing Shopify customers to a new Shopify store?

Shopify has yet to give app developers the tools to make this process easy

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If you're considering moving your business from one Shopify store to another, please be aware that this process will require customers to sign up again.

Shopify does not provide tools that allow subscription apps like PayWhirl to transfer customer data and vaulted payment methods between stores. As a result, customers will need to sign up again in the new store to vault their payment method and continue their subscriptions.

Overview of the process:

  1. Export Customer Data: Start by exporting both one-time purchase and subscription customer data from your current Shopify store. This data will be crucial for re-establishing your customer base in the new store.

  2. Set Up Your New Store: Ensure that your new Shopify store is fully set up with PayWhirl and any other necessary apps before you start inviting customers to sign up again.

  3. Customer Sign-Up: Direct your customers to sign up directly from the product page on your new store. Make sure to communicate the need for this step to your customers, explaining that it is required to continue their subscriptions in the new store.

  4. Encourage Sign-Ups: Consider using message blasts, email campaigns, or social media to reach out to your customers and encourage them to sign up in the new store. Offering a discount or other incentives can help alleviate any inconvenience caused by this process.

  5. Import Customers: Once your customers have signed up in the new store, you can import their data into Shopify. This will help you maintain a comprehensive customer database for your business operations.

We understand that this process is not ideal and believe that Shopify should provide apps like PayWhirl with the necessary tools to support a smoother transition between stores. We encourage you to share your feedback with Shopify, as greater demand for these tools could lead to their development in the future.

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