[V1] Passthrough URLs (advanced)
Note: This feature requires coding knowledge
Updated over a week ago

Note: This feature requires coding knowledge

Passthrough URLs are used to communicate with your host site. This can be useful if you want to implement a single sign-on (users sign into Paywhirl and also are signed into the host site).

When you register a passthrough URL, it has an event associated with it (registration, login, or logout).

When a user performs one of these events, we append your URL with a data parameter (&data=[code])

You can grab this data parameter and perform the following steps on the encrypted string:

1. URL Decode the data value

2. Base64 Decode the value

3. Unserialize the value

This will give you a "subscriber object" with details like: email, password, first and last name, plan subscribed to, etc

You can then use this data to perform actions on the host system on behalf of your user: create account, log them in or out

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