When using PayWhirl, your widget should be embedded on a separate page from your products. You can create a new page, or add the widget to an existing page. 

To install the PayWhirl widget on an existing page:

When editing the page in Shopify, select the Shop Admin link entitled "Add PayWhirl Widget"

The embed code will be generated and automatically added to your page.

Note: You can also use the Copy and Paste method and copy a specific embed code (such as the Login code or the Password Reset code). See Embed Code Overview

To install the PayWhirl widget on a new page:

Select the "Pages" option on your menu.

Select "Add a Page" 

Name and save your new page.

To add a new link to your website menu for your PayWhirl widget, go to your "Navigation" option on your Shopify menu.

Click "Edit Link List" for your main menu.

Click "Add another link".

Name the new link, and select "Page" from the "Links To..." drop down. Then, select the page you just created. Remember to SAVE!

Your new page will now appear with the PayWhirl widget on your main menu.

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