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PayWhirl sends out 4 custom emails

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PayWhirl sends out 4 custom emails:

  1. Welcome Email (sent to new customers)

  2. New Subscriptions (Sent when customers change subscriptions or add additional subscriptions when logged into the customer portal)

  3. Unsubscribe Email (Sent when customers unsubscribe from a plan)

  4. Payment is declined. (Sent when payments decline)

 The Customize Email feature makes it very simple for users to know whats happening with us and with there personal accounts. You can customize the emails using simple variables in your messages that will be "injected with information." Eg. , 

First go to the Dashboard, click 'Customize Emails'

Once clicking 'Edit Email" you will be directed to the page below. Where you will create a "Welcome Email" that will be sent to all users upon registering.

Use this form to customize your user's experience for your welcome email. Make sure to include information about why they are recieving this message. Its generally a good idea to include contact information as well, since this is a system generated email.

Subject Line : A brief description of the email contents
Send a copy to : You may copy one address that will receive this email whenever it is sent to a customer
Email Content : Type your message here. Optionally you can click the "</>" in the editor to enter HTML.

Dynamic fields let you use data specific to your customer when generating an email.

We also have the ability to interface with MailChimp so you can add your subscribers to a mailing list automatically.

In addition to the PayWhirl Emails, Stripe can be configured to sent a payment receipt after every transaction. To enable this feature login to your Stripe account and click on Account Settings>Email

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