Bill Everyone is a non-automatic form of billing that allows you to bill all your customers at once. For Example: If you owned a winery, and your wine shipments were unpredictable your customers can still subscribe to a plans and essentially stay on a list. A common example of this would be to create a $0/year plan with a possible setup fee if you'd like to charge something immediately. Then whenever, you are ready to bill everyone on the list you would use the bill everyone feature to do so.

You can also use this feature to take pre-orders on PayWhirl. You would create a plan like the one described above for $0/year to collect a credit card and subscriber the customer to a "pre-order plan" or list. Then, when you are ready to ship the products you can run the charge to everyone on the list(s) using the bill everyone feature. 

To bill your customers manually using plans as lists go to the dashboard and click the Bill Everyone icon

Next, you'll choose the group of customers you would like to charge by selecting a plan to create your billing list. Finally, you'll enter the charge information and run a charge to everyone on the list/plan at once.

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