A Promo Code is a "Digital Coupon Code" that customers can enter to get a specified discount on a payment. Promo codes can be a "one time" discount or they can be applied on a recurring payment plan. 

As the account owner you have the ability to set up Promo Codes:

Note: The code in the box can be changed, you don't have to use the default code that is generated. Keep in mind codes are case sensitive (For example: If your code is "Promo" the system will reject it if the customer enters "promo")

  • Duration

  • Once - This is a one time coupon that only apply once to a transaction

  • Repeating - This is a specific number of billing cycles where the coupon is applied. (I.E. 3 months,weeks,days free)

  • Forever - This is an ongoing discount that continues indefinitely

  • Amount off / Percent off(select one or the other)

  • Amount off - A fixed amount to discount (such as $10 off) 

  • Percent off - A percentage of the total price (includes any set up fees)

  • Max Redemption -  Total number of customers who can redeem the discount. This field is optional ( IE first 10 customers get 10% off their entire purchase)

  • Redeem By - Add an expiration date to this promo code. This field is optional (IE Customers who sign up be for 1/1/16 get 10$ off for life)

 Keep in mind the promo codes apply to the total sale price. For example if you have a $20 set up fee and a $50 per month subscription a $10 off promo code would result in a $60 total price for the customer (50+20=70 then $10 off=60). If you use a 10% promo it would result in 7$ off and the customer would pay $63 for their first charge (50+20=70 * 10% = $7 off then 70-7=63).

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