Adding the option to purchase one time or "upsell" type of products at checkout is an easy way to increase revenue.  We have created an optional section found in PayWhirl's payment widgets that allow you to upsell products to your customers when they first checkout.

Note: Upsells are one-time purchases only and don't have the option to recur.

To add an Upsell go to your Dashboard and click 'My Upsells'

You are now on the 'My Upsells' main page. Click 'Create a New Upsell'

Fill out the name, price, and currency to create your Upsell. Optionally you can include an image.

After you hit save you will directed back to the main Upsell page where you will need to 'Enable' your Upsell so that it will be available on your main widget. 

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