[V1] Navigating the dashboard
When you are ready to begin using all of PayWhirl's different features the dashboard be your central hub
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When you are ready to begin using all of PayWhirl's different features the dashboard be your central hub. You can get to the dashboard at anytime by clicking the PayWhirl logo in the top left corner when you're logged in.

The My Plans icon will take you to a page where you can create, edit, delete or enable/disable your different payment plans. You can have as many payment plans as you want on PayWhirl. Any payment widgets you create will expand to accommodate all of the plans you enable but we recommend a limiting this to six or less if possible (two rows of three plans).

From My Upsells you can edit and add upsells for your plans. Upsells are one time add ons that customers can view and add to their initial purchase. Upsells are one time, and are not recurring like the subscription plans.

From the "Promo Codes" page you can add, edit and delete promo codes. You'll use promo codes to give your customers discounts and for sales. At checkout, your customer will "APPLY" the Promo Code and the total price will reflect the discount.

Gift Codes are similar to promo codes. The difference is that Gift Codes are intended to be gifted to others from your subscribers. You can make an embeddable form in which your customers can purchase a gift code for someone else. They specify an amount, which will then be emailed to the recipient in the form of a Promo Code good only for that person, and only once. They can use the purchased gift code on any of the payment forms / widgets in your account.

Payment Forms provide a ton of added functionality to PayWhirl. The primary difference between payment forms and Widgets is that payment forms are designed to display ONE payment option to the customer whereas widgets can display one or more. There are several different types of payment forms as well. For example, you can create flexible payment forms where the customer inputs what they want to pay one-time or fixed payment forms where you set the price for a one-time charge.

The Virtual Terminal allows you to take physical one-time payments from a customer with a credit or debit card. To use the virtual terminal in PayWhirl you have two options:

  1. Choose an existing subscriber & enter the amount you need to charge them!

  2. Input a new credit card / customer

The Bill Everyone feature allows you to bill everyone subscribed to a single plan at once. This is handy for businesses that bill at the time of shipping, and not necessarily monthly. You can also collect pre-orders with PayWhirl's bill everyone feature. You would just create a plan for $0/year to create a payment pre-auth "list" for your pre-order... When the item(s) are ready to shop you just select your pre-auth payment list and then run charges as a group. This is also handy for businesses that don't bill on the exact intervals and have some variability to their billing.

The Widget Builder allows you to make multiple payment widgets for you website. In each widget you create you have the ability to choose which plans and/or up-sells you want to use for that specific widget. Each custom widget comes with it's own embed code.

The Payments icon will take you to a list of your recent transactions. This view is a log of all your payment transactions with links to Stripe so you can view more about each transaction (logs,etc). Note: This view will also show other payments in your stripe account if you have them. 

The Subscribers page allows you to view, edit and manage your subscribers. You can search for customers by name or email and edit their information if needed. You can also add/remove/edit subscriptions on your customers accounts.

The reports page allows you to easily generate spreadsheets (.csv files) of your subscribers with all their associated data for your company records, processes, etc. Many people also use the reports to integrate with other systems. Eg. You can upload and map the subscriber report into some shipping / fulfillment systems.

With Widget Settings you can edit your widget's icons, add any custom CSS you may want to include, edit which countries you sell to, and adjust various other widget features.

The Profile Questions icon is where you can edit the custom questions your customers will be presented with at checkout. For example, if you have a box shoe service, you may want to ask what shoe size your customer wears, or whether they prefer heels or flats. You can choose to make the questions required or not. There are several different types of questions you can use as well (dropdown, input, etc).

Customize text allows you to change and/or translate all of the Paywhirl text into other languages. You can override all of the text in the widgets and payment forms to make it really feel like your own.

Embed Code will give you the necessary code to copy and paste into your site where you want your widget to be.

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