To create a new paywhirl account please visit the registration page:

After you have completed the basic registration page YOU WILL RECEIVE TWO EMAILS (1 PayWhirl & 1 Stripe) with instructions to complete your setup for each system. 

NOTE: You will need to connect a bank account with Stripe to transfer funds out of your Stripe account. 

The setup email from Stripe should look something like this:

NOTE: If the email you register with is already associated with a Stripe account a you'll be presented with a page where you can connect your existing Stripe account by logging in.  

Next is PayWhirl's dashboard, click the PayWhirl logo when logged in to view your dashboard:

The dashboard is the central hub of PayWhirl. You can get to all the various features by clicking the round icons and/or viewing the menu items in the top right corner. When you first create your paywhirl account you will also be presented with a "Getting Started" checklist with two tasks to get started:

  1. Create Payment Plans

  2. Embed a Payment Widget or Payment Form on your website. 

Payment forms display a single plan and payment widgets typically display more than one plan (although you can have a widget with just one plan as well).

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