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[V1] Why do I need PayWhirl if I have Stripe? Is a Stripe account required?
[V1] Why do I need PayWhirl if I have Stripe? Is a Stripe account required?
Subscription services, recurring payments and online businesses are becoming more popular than ever
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Subscription services, recurring payments and online businesses are becoming more popular than ever. Its no surprise since recurring revenue models have many benefits and very few drawbacks. Sales can be expected over the entire period of a customer's subscription and many business are recognizing how they can leverage automatic billing / collections within their companies. Paywhirl offers a way for business owners to create and manage payment plans / subscription billing in a matter of minutes. We provide an on-site, white-label and amazing user experience for your customers.


How Does PayWhirl's Pricing Work?

We offer two simple pricing options on PayWhirl:

1) PayWhirl PRO - $49/month & 1% of payment processing
2) PayWhirl FREE - No monthly fees & 2% of payment processing

In addition to PayWhirl’s fee, you will pay a processing fee to Stripe on each transaction. For instance, if you are on PayWhirl PRO, your PayWhirl processing rate is 1%. If you also live in the United States, your default Stripe processing rate would be 2.9% +30¢ per transaction This would bring your total to 3.9% +30¢ per transaction. However, if, for example, you live in Australia, your rate would be different. In Australia Stripe's domestic rate is 1.75% +30¢ per transaction which, when combined with PayWhirl PRO, would give you a total transaction fee of 2.75% +30¢ per transaction.  

NOTE: The fees stated above were accurate at the time of publication. 


Our users all have accounts and agreements with Stripe (we do not resell Stripe's services and these accounts and agreements stand independent of Paywhirl). We use a program called "Stripe Connect" in which users can allow the Paywhirl application access to perform tasks in the Stripe account on their behalf.


Normally, if a business wants to use Stripe to process subscription payments, they would need to hire a developer. Other than a simple blue button with a credit card form on it, Stripe doesn't offer a solution for businesses to use "out-of-the-box". Instead, they offer a comprehensive set of APIs and developer tools to make PCI compliant processing more accessible to developers and alleviating the majority or risk and liability involved in accepting card-not-present transactions. 


Paywhirl gives business the ability to accept payments in a number of ways in just a few minutes (with no need to code and no need for a developer). We sit as an intermediary between a websites customers and their payment processor and allow businesses using our platform to customize the experience their customers have when making purchases on their site.


Here are a few of the features Paywhirl users get that Stripe users do not (without custom development):


1. Charge customers monthly and collect profile data from them

 (ie. Sell razors for $10/mo, let user pick their favorite color and delivery date)


2. Collect credit card information and Bill Everyone on a list at the same time

 (ie. Wine clubs who don't bill at set intervals, but instead bill and ship dependent on their harvest)


3. Allow customers to subscribe to a monthly plan and charge them for a one-time upsell

 (ie. Order a can of shaving cream with your first month's razors)


4. Customers can login at any point and update their subscriptions and credit card/billing information.


5. Customers can login and update their profile questions (custom to each Paywhirl widget)


6. Paywhirl handles dunning by sending notifications to you and your customer when their card is expired, declined, etc which increases revenues


7. Paywhirl has a virtual terminal, Bill everyone features and widget preview that are all mobile-compatible so you can take payments, subscribe users to plans, or bill your entire list from your phone or tablet.


8. Paywhirl has deep integration with Shopify and their fulfillment partners, so when a customer pays you, the order will be placed in Shopify and your fulfillment center automatically notified.


9. Paywhirl customers have the opportunity to be featured in the Paywhirl marketplace (a marketplace for monthly, weekly or annual subscription services) to help promote their products and services to customers actively looking for subscription programs in their category.


10. Along with offering all of the currencies available to Stripe customers, PayWhirl also lets you translate your widget into any language in just minutes.

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