[V1] How does PayWhirl's pricing work?

We offer two simple pricing options on PayWhirl

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We offer two simple pricing options on PayWhirl:

  1. PayWhirl PRO - $49/month and 1% of payment processing

2) PayWhirl FREE - No monthly fees and 2% of payment processing

In addition to PayWhirl’s fee, you will pay a processing fee to Stripe on each transaction. For instance, if you are on PayWhirl PRO, your PayWhirl processing rate is 1%. If you also live in the United States, your default Stripe processing rate would be 2.9% +30¢ per transaction This would bring your total to 3.9% +30¢ per transaction. However, if, for example, you live in Australia, your rate would be different. In Australia Stripe's domestic rate is1.75% +30¢ per transaction which, when combined with PayWhirl PRO, would give you a total transaction fee of 2.75% +30¢ per transaction.  

NOTE: The fees stated above were accurate at the time of this writing.

Visit Stripe's Pricing Page for more info...

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