There are many different ways to implement content gating or "locking" with paywhirl and/or shopify. This is just a basic example using a poplar app called Locksmith for the shopify platform.

Note: You must be using Shopify to use This Feature!

  • First Create your Membership Plan in PayWhirl

  • Go To Dashboard>My Plans and Click "Create a New Plan"

  • Fill out the plan form and customize your membership rates.

  • Note the plan SKU and make sure orders are set for Each Installment (if you're using a set number of installments)!

  • Next Fill out your features and save the plan. Save your self a headache don't unhide the product we create in Shopify!

  • Now lets create your widget. Navigate to Dashboard>Widget Builder and click create widget. NOTE: A Payment form can easily be used instead of a widget if you only have one plan, etc.

  • OPTIONAL: Lets customize your widget's look and feel navigate to Dashboard>Customize Text. You can change almost any label! Don't forget to save!

  • Now Your ready to embed your widget. Go to Dashboard>Widget Builder and edit your widget. Copy the code in the box

  • Navigate to the admin part of Shopify and click Online Store>Pages click on add a page (This is going to be the page where your customers will be able to create their account and will NOT be locked by locksmith)

  • Edit the page and make sure to select the code view to paste your widget code!

  • Make sure your the page is easily accessible to customers as this is where they will create their membership account to access the "locked" content.

  • Now were ready to install the Locksmith app. Once you register you will need to create your locks within the app. 

  • You can lock down pages, products, collections and more within Shopify using the app.

  •  For this example we will be locking the cart and the full product list so only paid members can shop those collections. 

In Locksmith type "all" and select all products

  • Change the highlighted fields. This makes sure customers continue to be subscribed or else they loose access!

That's All Folks! Your products now require a monthly membership to purchase.

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