The Settings Page has some of the most important ways to customize your PayWhirl account.

On the main page you can:

  1. Turn on and off the "Login Link"

  2. Set the shipping "Default Country" and "Exclude Countries"

  3. Set the Email "From address" and "Name"

  4. Prevent users from being able to cancel on their own. Also locks their credit card so they can't delete it

  5. Turn on and off Promo and Gift codes

  6. Turning off PayWhirl Branding.


  1. Set the terms and conditions (click in the box and start typing to edit the default terms)

  2. Configure a Thank You message to be shown after signup


  1. Change the default icons for the customer menu


  1. Add custom bits of code to change the appearance of your widget


  1. Enter Google Analytics/KissMetrics or other tracking scripts

  2. Enter Conversion tracking code. Note: we don't have a thank-you page URL as the customer doesn't leave your site.


  1. Here you can enter advanced code for using Passthrough URLs (This is typically only used by advanced developers. Coding is needed to implement properly)

Note: Don't forget to hit "Save Settings".

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