PayWhirl has many different features that will generate "embed codes" as you use them. Embed codes are just little snippets of code that can be copied and pasted into your website to provide functionality. On PayWhirl you can find embed codes for the following five items:

  1. Payment Widgets

  2. Payment Forms

  3. Customer Login

  4. Customer Forgot Password

  5. Gift Code Forms

Each embed code will look very similar but will produce very different results depending on which feature it's from. When you receive an embed code you just have to copy and paste it into the HTML on your website. Most web builders such as Shopify or WordPress have a code view that you can toggle on to paste the code. See below:

NOTE: All of the embed codes within PayWhirl load under https and are secured by SSL. If you copy & paste any url one of your embed codes into the browser address bar you'll see the green lock indicating the page connection is secure. In other word, you don't need SSL because our widgets and payment forms are already secured.

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