With PayWhirl there are 4 different types of Payment forms you can create. These can be:

  1. Flexible Payment - Customers will be able to insert any amount to pay you.

  2. Fixed Payment - Charge a customer one-time for a specified amount.

  3. Subscription - Ties the form to the purchase of a subscription

  4. Upsell - Ties the form to the purchase of an upsell (requires at least 1 upsell to see this option)

Once you have decided what type of form you want to create you need to give it a name. Choose to require an address or not. We recommend leaving user accounts turned on. This will help associate the payments to a subscriber.

Next if you are using a Subscription form Choose a Plan. This is the plan customers will subscribe to upon checkout.

Lastly you can configure advanced settings such as : showing the plan image, requiring profile questions, changing the purchase button text. You can even send a user to a specific thank you page after purchase by using the redirect feature.

Once you save the widget it will generate the "embed code" to copy and paste into your site.

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