So, you've created your payment plans and are ready to go but you have no idea where to actually paste PayWhirl's embed code(s)?!?! No problem! 

PayWhirl is incredibly flexible in that you can paste the embed code nearly anywhere on your website, but what does that mean exactly?!? Well, most web builders have a toggle where you can switch from the normal graphical interface into a HTML editor. This HTML editor is where you can paste the PayWhirl embed codes. 

Some builders may refer to this as switching the WYSIWYG editor into "code mode" before you can paste in your widget code. Most website platforms (Wordpress, Shopify, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix, Etc.) provide wysiwyg editors to edit your content. Almost all of these editors have a "toggle to code" or html button. It's typically the top left or right icon in a page editor and looks like this --> </>

See this example from Shopify below:

NOTE: You might need to create a new page on your website so you can get to an editor like the one pictured above. For example, all pages in WordPress, Joomla & Shopify have wysiwyg editors. Also, many themes will give you a wysiwyg editor for content on the homepage.

Currently there is currently a limitation of 1 widget/form per page. If you have more then one the second widget is likely to display incorrectly. 

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